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Welcome to Scuba Clinic!

  • Scuba Equipment Service
  • Scuba Technician Training
  • High Pressure Engineering
  • Compressor Service
  • Cylinder Fills
  • Cylinder Inspection
  • Equipment Service

    Equipment Service

    Leave your equipment with us!

    Our factory-trained Technicians will service
    your regulators, tanks, BCDs, compressors
    and Poseidon MK-6 rebreathers.

    Technician Training

    Technician Training

    For divers who would like to take it to the
    next level, check out our comprehensive
    range of Technician courses, available
    exclusively at Scuba Clinic.

    Tank Fills and More

    Tank Fills and More

    Expect nothing less than "Pure Air" in your
    tanks, we accommodate for all your gas
    needs while-you-wait, and much more!

    Custom Works


    We provide metal fabrication, precision machining and electrical services, ensuring the quality through every phase of the process as well as excellent turnaround and delivery times. In-house production enables us to have complete control of the quality at every step.

    Service Tools


    Scuba service tools are now available at Scuba Clinic!
    The range of our tools consists of both industry standard and special scuba tools. Many of these specialised tools are fabricated in-house from quality material to the highest standard and workmanship at an affordable price.
    Tech Talk


    Follow our experiments of scuba equipment-related issues we come across in everyday life in a Scuba workshop. Some are educational, eye-opening, or even controversial. You'll be the judge.

    Pure Air